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Activities are additional playtimes you can schedule for your pet to maximize their stay. Walks, One-on-one play with our awesome staff, and supervised group activity with other dogs are offered in order to give your pet something extra to do outside of their kennel and something to look forward to throughout their stay.

Nature Walk

Our Nature Walk is a one-quarter mile walk around our 9 acre property. Typically taking anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, they are great for pets that spend a lot of time on a leash or out stretching their leg's at home. The nature walk is a favorite activity among our more active pets and especially a favorite with our staff (well, when it isn't below freezing that is). 

Group Play

Doggie play groups are a time for your pet to get out and play with dogs under the supervision of a Woodland team member. Group Plays are fantastic for pets that enjoy socializing and playing with other dogs. When building play groups, we attempt to place dogs in groups based on size, temperament, and preference. Group Plays are twenty minutes and generally consist of 5 to 7 dogs.


A one-on-one activity is 15 minutes of tailored playtime between a member of our team and your pet. Whether they prefer playing tug-of-war, fetch, or just being cuddled, we always attempt to accommodate what they enjoy the most. One-on-ones are the most popular activity at Woodland and ideal for pretty much any pet that enjoys being played with or spending time with people. 


The Puppy-Parent Updates are our way of serving you as well as your furry buddies. These updates are a great way to stay connected with your pets even while you’re away. Each update includes 2 pictures from that day’s activity and a short summary of their favorite moments on walks, cuddles or play time.
(Minimum 1-night stay required, Limit 1 per boarding stay)

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