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Overnight boarding is Woodland Pet Resort's specialty. Combined, our staff has over 30 years of pet care experience under their belts. Our philosophy of care is to provide a comfortable and tailored boarding experience for your pet. We have a selection of activities (see our Activities page) to choose from and we make an effort to monitor each and every pet to assure they are healthy, eating, and content with their stay. 


**If you are new with us, please call (989)793-2882 to set up an appointment.

What's included?
Your pet has the opportunity to get into our outside yards four to five times every day. This helps keep them happy, healthy, and on a regular potty schedule.  We provide a water bucket, cot, bedding, and constant access to both rooms of their two room suite. Their rooms are cleaned, water refreshed, and bedding checked at minimum twice daily. Please view our activity page to see what else we offer & view our Client Information page for more info.

What to Bring...

  • Food & Treats- we highly recommend bringing your pet's own food. This helps avoid stomach upset that sometimes occurs when changing their diet.

  • Medications- please bring any medications (or supplements) your pet is on at home. There is no additional charge for the administration of medication.

  • Bedding & Toys- You are welcome to bring a blanket or bedding as long as it can fit into a regular size washing machine.  Something that smells like home is helpful for nervous pets.

What we Provide...

  • Dishes- we provide dishes for both food and water.

  • Bedding- if you choose to not bring bedding or forget it at home, we have blankets, beds, and wool pads free of charge.

  • Food- although we do highly recommend you bring your pet's own food and treats, we do carry a premium chicken and rice formula dry food.

Pampered Pet Package
$36 per Night 

Includes boarding, 3 activities (of your choice), and a nightly peanut butter or pumpkin treat, pupsicle or jerky treat
Happy Pet Package
$32 per Night 

Includes boarding, 2 activities (of your choice),and a nightly peanut butter or pumpkin treat , pupsicle or jerky treat 

Basic Boarding 
$25.50 per Night

includes all basic needs (cleaning, feeding, yard time and medications if needed)

*minimum of 1 $5 activity every other day required

Cat Condo
$14 per Night 

*Please Note*: The above prices are per pet, per night. Pets that share a room will receive a $5 discount per night.


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