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Requirements & Policies

Vaccine Records For Any Service Can Be Submitted Online Below!

Text: (989)-600-4950

**If you are new with us, please call (989)793-2882 to set up an appointment.

***All requirements and policies stated below pertain to any boarding, daycare, or grooming reservation made with us. 


Dogs: All dogs must receive all vaccinations at minimum one week prior to the scheduled reservation. If vaccines are given later than one week prior, we will not be able to provide services until the one week time is met, no exceptions. This policy is established and enforced to assure your pet's safety while boarding. 

  • Rabies 

  • Distemper / Parvo

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

           -Puppies: Puppies must be up to date completely on their vaccinations, not between                  boosters. Please assure your pet has completed their series.


* If your dog is too young to receive the rabies vaccination, they are still able to board but must have distemper and kennel cough one week prior as stated above. 
* Monthly flea, tick, & heart worm treatment is recommended but not required.

Cats: As with dogs, we require all vaccinations be given at minimum one week prior to the scheduled reservation.

  • Rabies

  • Distemper

* A negative FIV test is also recommended but not required.

If your pet cannot receive a vaccination due to medical exception, a letter from your veterinarian must be provided.

Sending us your pet's vaccination information is the responsibility of the client. We ask that vaccination information is sent to us prior to the scheduled reservation, there are several ways you may do this:

  • Calling your veterinarian's office and request they email them directly to us.

  • Submit a digital copy/photo of vaccine records to our Google Form Dropbox (located above)

  • Scanning or obtaining a digital copy and emailing it to us. (

  • Texting a photo to us to: 989-600-4950

  • Dropping records off in person during our open hours. 

*** In addition to the vaccinations identified above, we ask that all pets be free of any contagious diseases and be free of fleas. Pets that appear sick or contagious will be turned away. We do not accept contagious pets to maintain a safe, healthy kennel and assure no pets are sent home sick or otherwise ill. Any fleas found will result in a flea bath and Capstar at the expense of the owner. 

Cancellation Policy

Heading 1

- For all reservations: we ask that at minimum a 72 hour notice is given for cancellation. Last minute cancellations will result in a deposit being required for any future reservations.

2 & 3 Night Minimum

- If you are dropping off on a Saturday (for boarding), a minimum of two nights is required. You may schedule only one night but an additional nights charge may apply. 

- Boarding reservations made over any holiday (e.g. Memorial Day, Christmas, etc.) require a three night minimum. You may schedule less than three nights but an additional charge will apply.

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