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Grooming & Bathing

Text: (989)-600-4950

**If you are new with us, please call (989)793-2882 to set up an appointment.

*** All bathing & grooming services, including nail trims, are by appointment only. Please see our Client Information page for requirement information.

Whether you are seeking a full professional grooming service or your pet is staying with us for a weekend and you would like them to return smelling clean and fresh, Woodland Pet Resort offers award-winning bathing & grooming services. Below are a list of the services we provide.  

Our Bathing & Grooming Services

Professional Groom: A professional groom includes a haircut (of your specification), bath (with shampoo and conditioner), nails, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and paw-pad clean-up. Call or email us today for an estimate! 
Furminate Groom: A furminate groom (or de-shedding groom) includes a bath (w/ shampoo & conditioner), nail trim, anal gland expression, paw-pad clean-up, and a full de-shedding brush out. Furminates are great for dogs that may not require any hair-cutting but may lose a lot of hair during their shedding period. Call or email us today for an estimate!

Bath & Nails: Includes a bath with our Fresh Pet Shampoo, an anal gland expression, powered blow-drying, and nail trim. $25 to $40

Bath: A bath with our Fresh Pet Shampoo, an anal gland expression, and powered blow-drying$18 to $30

Nail Trim & Nail Grinding: In addition to the plethora of bathing & grooming services, we also offer a standard nail trim. If your pet's nails have gotten too long, you can call ahead and set-up a nail trim for that same day! Beyond a nail trim we also offer nail-grinding (or dremeling). After the nail trim we can go through with our dremel tool and grind down any sharp edges. $10 to $15


**All bathing & grooming service pricing is based on your pet's coat length/condition, behavior, and breed. Please call for an estimate (989-793-2882).

Our Grooming Awards
2021 Best of Saginaw Award Winner!

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