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K9 Foundations:

Obedience & Advanced Training

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Text: (989)-600-4950

**If you are new with us, please call (989)793-2882 to set up an appointment.

   No matter the breed or age, every dog should learn how to socialize and how to be their best self at all times. Our amazing Camp Manager Tracy has been training with dogs since 2017 and is now here to help you and your dog learn all the basics of being healthy and happy socially.

What do we learn?
     The K9 Foundation Obedience class teaches you and your dog all the necessary cues needed to create a solid foundation. Having a strong foundation can help prevent the development of behavioral issues later on and, without it, you can’t build without collapsing behaviorally. As you could guess, the same is true for your dog. 
     The following cues we believe are the most important components in developing a strong and stable foundation for your dog. These are some of the cues that will be taught and demonstrated in this class:
     Along with the cues we will also be going over safe handling for when your dog is being handled by groomers or vets, confidence building exercises and socialization.
     The K9 Foundation Advanced Obedience class teaches you and your dog new skills as well as taking the skills learned in the first class to the next level. The skills learned in the first class are further tested and grown by practicing skills with more distraction and for longer durations while adding a few advanced commands including (but not limited too): 
  • Place
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Leave It 
  • Drop It
     *Both the Obedience and Advanced Obedience are available in a class format with other dogs or as 1-1 class sessions (prices of each listed below). Additionally, all classes are 4 weeks in duration, and are scheduled on the 1st-4th Saturday or Sunday of each month (attendance at each class is mandatory and must be pre-paid).
What do we bring and what do we get?
   All dogs that attend our K9 Foundation: Obedience or Advanced Obedience class receives everything they need for a successful class and a successful life! All you have to bring with you is your furry friend, your own treats and an excitement to learn. By the end of the class, you will have received: 
  • A fully-equipped training kit with all materials you will need for now and the future
  • A "Woodland Pet Resort Graduation Certificate"
  • A group outing "Pack Walk" with Tracy at a local dog park! (optional)

Meet Our Trainer, Tracy! 

     Hi everyone, I’m Tracy! My journey of becoming a dog trainer started back in New York where I volunteered at the local animal rescue and rehabilitation center. When I was there, I felt a growing passion to help as many dogs as possible with their behavioral struggles to help them get places in their forever homes. Alongside the head trainer in New York, I helped develop 1-1 training plans to make each dog the best version of themselves they could be, and I’m happy to say the dogs I’ve trained have found their homes.
     In 2019, I moved to Michigan with my daughter and continued my journey of animal care with Woodland Pet Resort. Since then, I’ve been working towards my CPDT-KA certification through the Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers. My Dream is to help you and your dog live a happy and stress-free life together.
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Training Price 

$300/Entire1-1 Class    

    K9 Foundations: Obedience or Advanced Obedience 

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