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Doggy Daycare


Text: (989)-600-4950

**If you are new with us, please call (989)793-2882 to set up an appointment.

   If you're away at work, running errands, or getting the carpets cleaned, doggie daycare is ideal. Bring your pet between our convenient daycare hours; we allow drop-off and pick-up between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday to Friday, by reservation. Your pet can enjoy being involved in activity and you can rest assured that your dog is getting outside regularly and being cared for while you're away. 

What are the benefits of doggie daycare?
Bringing your pet for daycare is a great daily, weekly, or biweekly treat for your dog. If you work long hours or would like your pet to receive additional exercise and attention while you're away, daycare provides exactly that. Similar to boarding, activities are offered for your pet in order to make them comfortable and happy during their day with us.
Woodland offers two different kinds of daycare...
   We offer our standard, individualized doggy daycare in addition to a new, free-roam experience. Standard daycare involves your pet being placed in their own individual kennel, coming out to exercise during their activity and potty time. Day Camp is a nearly all-day socialization time for your pet to engage with other dogs under the supervision of our daycare attendants. 
 Please look below for more information on
standard doggy daycare or click the link to our Day Camp page!

Standard Daycare

   Pets have their own individual kennel during standard doggy daycare. We provide a bucket of water and a cot for them to lay on. Your pet will go outside to go potty 4 times daily and have the opportunity to engage in interactive activities if you so choose. Standard doggy daycare is an excellent way for your pet to get out of the house and exercise while you are away.

   *Please visit the activity page for additional information on what we offer.


$27 / Day                            High-Energy Package
 Incl: 3 Activities, Lunch Treat, Basic Acc.

$22/ Day                                Daycare Package

                                         Incl: 2 Activities + Basic Acc.

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